Coastal Drive hits the OWMR Top 100 Album Charts

Coastal Drive ... with chart placing.jpg

Wonderful news!  The brilliant feel good album 'Coastal Drive' has just entered the

One World Music Radio Top 100 Album Chart at No. 39! YESSS!!!!


That'll please The New Romantic Poets ... A zillion thanks to Chrissie, Steve and all the crew at One World Music Radio ... awesome sauce ... thank you!!!

Coastal Drive by The New Romantic Poets

Coastal Drive - front cover.jpg

We’re heading off again for another adventure with The New Romantic Poets - this time for a warm sunny drive along the golden coastline.

From the opening sounds of a gentle breeze, Coastal Drive quickly immerses the listener in a sea of soothing piano and silky guitar, accompanied by tip-top-tapping drums.


A gentle ambiance fills the air, with summer strings, perky piano, smooth rhythmic guitar strumming in and out … drums adding the backbeat, gelling everything together. 

Click below on the 'OUT NOW!' image to hear snippets of each track ... courtesy of

Apple Music.

Coastal Drive - out NOW!

The entire ambiance of the Costal Drive is uplifting, you can’t help but smile and feel cheery, positive, as well as relaxed in an upbeat way. Coastal Drive will have your SatNav set for “destination sunshine” - a musical journey you are going to enjoy.

Please click here for the YouTube Promo featuring 'Esplanade'.

'Coastal Drive' by The New Romantic Poets out NOW!

Rhythm of the Mountains, Return to Zen Garden - Stuart Michael

Rhythm of the Mountains, Return to Zen Garden - front cover

Out Dec 3rd - the beautiful new album from Stuart Michael - Rhythm of the Mountains, Return to Zen Garden.


Following on from the hugely successful Zen Garden series, Stuart returns with his first album for over five years and it's a goodie.

The album cover features the beautiful painting by Maurice Bishop entitled 'A splash of colour in the mountains' - do check out Maurice's website

Please click here for a YouTube Promo teaser featuring the title track ’Rhythm of the Mountains’.

Please click on the album cover image below to hear snippets of each track ... courtesy of Apple Music.

Rhythm of the Mountains, Return to Zen Garden

The Cool Notes feat. Citiboy

You're Never Too Young - The Cool Notes feat. Citiboy

Out Friday 8th Oct - the official release of You're Never Too Young '21 by The Cool Notes feat. Citiboy (aka Bradley from S Club 7). 

Hot on the heels of You're Never Too Young '21 - The Remixes - The new single features the brilliant Chicago Stepper's & Steppin' To The Groove Mixes by Mr Steve Mac. 


Both mixes are destined to make you feel good and leave you with a positive vibe.

Click here for a preview.

'You're Never Too Young '21 - The Remixes by The Cool Notes

You're Never Too Young '21 The Remixes

The official release of the 2021 Remixes of 'You're Never Too Young' by The Cool-Notes - with mixes by Georgie B and Steve Mac. 


'You're Never Too Young' has recently just smashed the UK Soul Charts reaching No.3!  

Please click here for a teaser of the Georgie B Remix.


Available now from all your fav download stores and streaming platforms.

UK Soul Chart.jpg

Freud 'World of Wonders
the video

Freud "World of Wonders' video still

Here for the first time is the video of World of Wonders by Freud.

World of Wonders has become a huge NewAge classic, with Freud becoming one of the most respected recording artists in the NewAge/Celtic and Chillout field. Do checkout Freud's stunning albums 'Time Passengers' and 'The Journey' - available from all the best on-line stores including iTunes, Amazon etc as well as your favourite streaming platforms ie Apple Music, Spotify...

Please click on either the image above or below to see the full video via YouTube.

Freud "World of Wonders' video still

'Midnight Waltzes with a twist'
Stuart Jones

Midnight Waltzes with a twist

Stuart returns with a completely new style of album – one that contains eight tracks, offering the listener a delightful twist on the traditional idea of a waltz.


Tracks such as ‘Delicate Breeze’ with it’s beautiful piano and sauntering strings, along with ‘Abstract Stars’ with seductive chimes and new “besties” piano and oboe… portray a galaxy of stars dancing in the great milky way. 

Midnight Waltzes with a twist is an album that Stuart has wanted to make for some time now. There have been flashes of classical/waltzy influences popping up in Stuart’s recent releases – so his drive to record a whole album in this style was inevitable.  


The ambiance created by Midnight Waltzes delivers on all levels, from music for relaxation and wellbeing, to being your “go to album” for that something different. In many ways the music also mirrors the scenario of two old friends having not seen each other for so long, meeting and catching up on old times.

Please click on the image below to hear snippets...

coming sooooon....jpg

'Spend the Night' - 2021 The Remixes  
The Cool Notes - Out Now!

Spend the night 2021 All mixes3000x3000.

The Cool Notes are back and hit the charts! 


'Spend the Night - 2021 The Remixes' recently stormed the UK Soul Charts where it reached No. 2! The Georgie B and Steve Mac Freedom Mixes are now available to download and stream from all your favourite platforms.

Please click here for a teaser of the brilliant Georgie B Remix.

UK Soul Chart.jpg

A Day In The Sun by Stuart Jones & Bob Gessey... album out NOW!

A Day In The Sun by Stuart Jones and Bob

There are six tracks on Messers Jones & Gessey’s debut album - the first and certainly not their last as a recording duo. Both artists are well established and respected as solo artists in their own right. So this collective is very much highly anticipated, like the first rays of sunshine in Spring they don’t let us down.

A bright and cheery guitar starts our journey - joined along the way by strings, piano and a nice turn of orchestration that swings in deep to give the album an intriguingly light and airy dimension. 

With tracks such as ‘Afternoon In The Sun’, ‘A Garden Escape’ and ‘May I Have This Dance’, Stuart Jones & Bob Gessey deliver an album that is as crisp and fresh as a newly mowed lawn, the music is as endearing as it is enchanting.


In a World of so much unrest and frustration, the need for bright and uplifting music is as great as it has ever been… ‘A Day In The Sun’ will leave you with that “feel good” factor. 

'A Day In The Sun' by Stuart Jones & Bob Gessey out Friday 12th February 2021.

Click on the image below to hear a snippet of 'May I Have This Dance'.

May I Have This Dance.jpg

Floating on Clouds
Spiritual Incantations 

Floating & Spiritual....jpg

It is always satisfying to receive favourable reviews... and none more so than the ones which we have just received from Scratch Magazine and Elite Lifestyle, for 'Spiritual Incantations' by Stephen Rhodes and 'Floating on Clouds' by The New Romantic Poets. 

Both reviews/mentions are now available to read/enjoy via our REVIEWS page. 

Also, please do click on the links below to enjoy the short promo clips (YouTube), where you can hear tasters of each album...

'Spiritual Incantations' by Stephen Rhodes

'Floating on Clouds' by The New Romantic Poets

 Both albums as with all our titles are available from all good on-line stores including iTunes and Amazon, as well as Beatport for our Tantajo Records offerings (chillout/downtempo).  


In addition to the stores our music is also available to enjoy from your favourite Streaming platforms such as

Spotify and Apple Music.  

GAP Music & Tantajo Records .jpeg

Floating on Clouds by 

The New Romantic Poets

floating on clouds.jpg

From the delightful opening piano, to the introduction of the magical harp, accompanied along the way by the beautiful clarinet, you really do feel that you are about to hear something very special.


The New Romantic Poets consist of Stuart on piano and guitars, Adele on harp and Alex on clarinet and also piano. This wonderful trio really do work in harmony and produce music of the highest caliber. 


There are eight tracks on their debut album, all of which tell a story. With angelic harp, haunting clarinet, dancing piano, chimes ringing in the distance, while strings play softly within the listener’s ear. ‘Floating on Clouds’ is an absolutely stunning first album from The New Romantic Poets.

The New Romantic Poets........ with name

With titles such as ‘Classicalesque Scapes’, ‘Together in the Moonlight’ and ‘Distant Chimes’… the listener is treated to a labyrinth of sounds with beautiful music that has a lightness and charm like the perfect soufflé, while delivering a message of hope, calm and most of all inner peace… 

As with all GAP MuSic & Tantajo Records releases, 'Floating on Clouds' will be available from iTunes, Amazon, 

 and all good online-stores, as well as Spotify, Apple Music and all the best Streaming platforms.

'Floating on Clouds' release date 23rd October 2020.

Please click here for a small taster of the album... and on Little Georgie P below to see him chilling-out to 

'Floating on Clouds'.

Little Georgie P....jpg

Spiritual Incantations - Serene Dreams Choice Magazine 

Serene Dreams & Spiritual Incantations..

Here at GAP MuSic - Tantajo Records we are chuffed as chops to have both 'Spiritual Incantations' by the gifted Stephen Rhodes, along with 'Serene Dreams' by the ingenious Stuart Jones reviewed by Simon Evans in Choice Magazine - one of the UK's most popular publications. 

Reviews - Choice Magazine .jpg

Spiritual Incantations - RJ Lannan Artisan Music Review

Spiritual Incantations by Stephen Rhodes

We are delighted to showcase the excellent in-depth review of Stephen Rhodes beautiful new album  Spiritual Incantations... by the renowned and much respected journalist of New Age music namely Mr RJ Lannan.


Please do checkout RJ's wonderful website Artisan Music reviews... please click here

Please click here for the latest 4 track promo teaser of Spiritual Incantations.

Spiritual Incantations by Stephen Rhodes

Confession of X - CASSIS


Now for something a little different.


Fresh from the studio of Mix Master Alberto Hauss - a great dance track featuring the excellent female group CASSIS.

With three great versions including the Radio Mix, Darbruka Mix and the dynamic Elektro Groove Mix... 'Confession of X' is both hypnotic and pulsating in it's energy.

We all have secrets... we all have confessions we would like to make... but in the cold light of day we always answer the same "i've nothing to declare....".... 

'Confession of X' by CASSIS.... out 17th July 2020.  Available from iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, and all good on-line stores, as well as streaming from all your favourite platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

For a sound "teaser" please click here.

Serene Dreams - Stuart Jones

Serene Dreams

An absolute feast of delights awaits the listener, with Serene Dreams offering nearly 60 minutes of the most calming and soothing music ever recorded. With beautiful melodies, lush orchestral arrangements to die for… all topped with a creamy layer of soufflé piano. 

With titles such as ‘A Breath of Fresh Air’, ‘The Playful You’, and ‘The Ripple Effect’, Stuart has created an aural plateau with various emotions, each playing a key role in the listening experience… with strings, flutes, oboes, and choral pieces all playing their part in creating a cavern of mystery and enchantment.

Stuart Jones

Serene Dreams features a wonderful combination of musical layers, with soft strings and rolling piano, leaving you feeling refreshed, calm, re-energized, and ready to tackle the World once again.

Serene Dreams will be available from iTunes, Amazon, and all good online-stores, as well as Spotify, Apple Music and all the best Streaming platforms.... 

from 10th July 2020.

Please click on the image below to enjoy the 3 Track Teaser.

Serene Dreams by Stuart Jones....JPG

One World Music Radio Awards

Rippling Waters - One World Music.jpeg
Spiritual Incantations - One World Music

We are extremely proud of both Stephen Rhodes and Stuart Jones who did brilliantly at the One World Music 2019 Awards which were hosted on Sunday 7th June 2020 .


Stuart came 1st with 'Rippling Waters' and Stephen's 'Spiritual Incantations' was 3rd… in what was really a tough and competitive category of the 'Best Piano with Instrumentation Album'.


When the final nominations were announced a couple of months ago, we were just over the moon to have the made the final 10... but on the actual night of the awards to have TWO albums in the TOP 3 is just fantastic! Both Stuart and Stephen are winners! A big thank you to Chrissie and Steve and everyone at One World Music…… guys you’re the best. 

Please click here to hear samples of 'Rippling Waters' by Stuart Jones... and here for 'Spiritual Incantations' by Stephen Rhodes.

For the very best in newage and music for relaxation and wellbeing do tune into

One World Music Radio 

Below is the full Top 10 placings... as well as 'Rippling Waters' and 'Spiritual Incantations' there are some magical albums amongst the nominees.

Award Winers.jpeg

Garden of Love - The Mixes

Garden of Love - The Mixes

Following hot on the heels of ‘Eternal’ we have another Freud masterpiece… Garden of Love - The Mixes’.  For the first time we have four of the finest mixes of Freud’s classic track, including the original version, all superbly re-mastered for 2020. 

Freud have long been considered to be a leading light of Ethereal / Celtic and World Music. Their two stunning albums Time Passengers and The Journey have been well received by public and media alike… with many of their tracks featuring on Compilation albums throughout the World. In fact we can’t think of one country where Freud has not been released. A video from Japan even appeared on YouTube in which two Freud tracks were played at a couple’s wedding!


With so many great Freud tracks to choose from, Garden of Love is one in particular that seems to capture the imagination of listener’s everywhere. With Maria Sanchez on vocals, Maria adds a sultry Spanish twist to the song with the stunning Jardin Del Amor.  


Along with Jardin Del Amor, there is the clubby Elektro Mix’… the chilled Terra del Sol Mix, and the original version… all re-mastered for 2020.

Please click on the image below to hear a taster of the Garden of Love via Apple Music...

Garden of Love - Apple Music.jpg

In Your Car - The Mixes

In Your Car - The Mixes

Following hot on the heels of ‘Spend the Night’ we have another Cool Notes masterpiece in the release box…. In Your Car.  For the first time, we have seven of the finest mixes of the Cool Notes classic hit, including both the original radio and the extended 12” versions, as well as five mixes which were originally released in Germany some years ago but nowhere else…. until NOW!!!


Available from all good on-line stores including iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, as well as being available on all your favourite streaming platforms. 

Please click on the image below for a taster via Apple Music... 

The Cool Notes - Apple Music.......jpg

Spend the Night - The Mixes

Spend the Night - The Mixes

At long last the classic Cool Notes hit 'Spend the Night' is available... NOW! 

Including the Original 7 & 12 versions... the powerhouse 'Sunshine Mixes', the smooth Le Classique Mix and the coooool Boogie Mix!


Spend the Night - The Mixes - available from all your favourite digital stores, including iTunes, Amazon, and Beatport, as well as "your go to" fav streaming platforms... including Spotify and Apple Music.

To enjoy the original version right now... just click here 

The Cool-Notes photeeeeeee.jpg

One World Music Radio Awards Nominations

OWMR - Nomination.jpg

Here at GAP MuSic & Tantajo Records we are chuffed as chops to have TWO albums nominated in the prestigious One World Music Radio Awards ‘Piano with Instrumentation’ category... they are 

‘Spiritual Incantations’ by Stephen Rhodes and ‘Rippling Waters’ by Stuart Jones...

The winner will be announced early June and will be chosen by a panel of secret judges.  

So let's wish both Stephen and Stuart all the very best and congratulate them on reaching the final 10 in their category.

Please click on the album titles below to hear a sample of each offering...

Spiritual Incantations by Stephen Rhodes - Rippling Waters by Stuart Jones

Eternal - Freud



Now for the first time we are releasing ‘Eternal’ as a single supported by two brilliant new mixes for worldwide release on the 14th February 2020... Valentines Day!

Many people regard ‘World of Wonders’ as Freud’s “identity” or “flagship” song.  However, another Freud track that is requested just as much is ‘Eternal’.


Just click on the image below for a "taster"!!!!

Eternal by Freud......jpg

Spiritual Incantations   

Stephen Rhodes

Spiritual Incantations - sleeve front an

One of the true Masters of music for relaxation and wellbeing Stephen Rhodes returns with an outstanding new album. With nearly sixty minutes of pure calm and relaxing music.


Spiritual Incantations has been two years in the making with Stephen wanting to create a new album that had meaning, while also expressing true feelings from the heart. With tracks such as ‘Peaceful Lament’, ‘Seeds of Empathy’, ‘Eternal Compassion’ and ‘Softly Speak’… Spiritual Incantations is an album full of hope, charm, and sensitivity. 


Whether you’ll be listening from a professional capacity ie: Beauty Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Yoga Class, Spa Client, or simply for your own personal listening enjoyment - Spiritual Incantations will help ease your mind and help soothe away the stresses of the day.

Stephen Rhodes.....jpg

So when you feel that you just need to escape this crazy world that we live in, just reach out and enjoy Spiritual Incantations

Please click on the image below to hear samples of Spiritual Incantations courtesy of Apple Music.

Spiritual Incantations - release date September 6th 2019 - available from iTunes, Amazon and all good on-line stores.

Please click on the snowy image below to hear a snippet of 'Redemption'... from Stephen's new album.

Great news... 'Spiritual Incantations' recently entered the Top 100 Chart of One World Music Radio at No.39!  Please do check out their website for some of the finest music for NewAge and Music for wellbeing... just click here...  

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 10.05.49 (1).j

Moments of the Heart

music for the soul

Moments of the Heart music for the soul.

‘Moments of the Heart music for the soul’ features some of the World’s finest and most creative new age and music for wellbeing artists. Artists include the magical Stephen Rhodes, the exquisite Stuart Jones, the thought provoking Sorrell and the ultimate meditation master

 Stuart Michael.


From the soothing melodies of ‘Peaceful Lament’ and ‘Confidence of Hope’ to the haunting ambiance of ‘Natural Elements’ and ‘Awakenings’… ‘Moments of the Heart music for the soul’ is the perfect “friend” to have by your side, to help ease away the hustle, bustle, and stresses of the day.  


Sometimes you hear an album and you think “that’s good”… ‘Moments of the Heart music for the soul’ is one such album…  an album which helps leave the listener feeling calm, refreshed and relaxed… ready to face the World again.

Please click on the image below to hear samples of 'Moments of the Heart music for the soul'

via Apple Music.

We are also absolutely delighted to announce that 'Moments of the Heart Music for the Soul has entered the One World Music Radio Top 100 Album Chart at No. 31!  Do check out One World Music Radio for some of the very best  music for relaxation and wellbeing.


Moments of the heart music for the soul.

Terra del Sol - new review

Elite Lifestyle Magazine - July 2019....

The Remixes Vol. 1 - Terra del Sol

The Remixes Vol. 1

With the release of ‘selection three’ the third and final album in the trilogy series, the call for Terra del Sol to explore the possibilities of creating a slightly more dancier groove… proved too strong to resist.


The result of working in the studio on many a long night, looking to create something special is the stunning four track extended play… simply entitled ‘The Remixes Vol. 1’. 


Featuring a track from each of the ‘selection’ albums… plus an extra track from ‘selection three’ - all four songs have been re-worked and given a tremendous House remix… over seen by Terra del Sol’s maestro Alberto Hauss.


‘Marimbas of Life’, ‘Sky Diver’, ‘Clyde’s Café’ and ‘Chelsea’ are all given a complete new lease of life from their original versions, where they created the perfect chill and unwind environment… now they automatically transport you to the dance floor!

Available 29th March 2019, from iTunes, Beatport , Amazon and all good on-line stores... as well as all key Streaming platforms.

Please click here for a taster of 'The Remixes Vol. 1'.

           Homeless Worldwide

Homeless Worldwide

A very dear friend of ours Jen Roberts has worked tirelessly in putting together this beautiful and very personal recording... featuring amongst others... Alexander O'Neal, Heather Small, Lee Ryan, Peter Andre, Natasha Hamilton, Leee John and many many more.

Homelessness is something that can affect anyone of us, friend or family member… at any time… we must help one another.

Please help and support Homeless Worldwide by pre-ordering ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’… release date Friday 15th February 2019. 

Please click on the sleeve image above to view the video and links for purchasing...

Please spare just some small change and pre-order ‘He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother’ by Homeless Worldwide… and make a difference… because together we can! 

selection three by Terra del Sol

selection three front and back - black b
selection three

Terra del Sol was formed by producer Alberto Hauss with the view of creating the perfect or near as perfect soundtrack for the ultimate chill-out experience. The style is very much laid back and incorporates elements from various life-styles and cultures.

Over the three albums a number of talented and fine musicians have enjoyed collaborations with the sound of Terra del Sol including legendary blues singer Sarah Vaughn, great Brazilian singer Pat-C and Anvil FX, along with Spanish singer Maria Sanchez. Plus the Indian master of flute players Depak Shamar… all sharing Alberto’s vision of the “Terra” sound experience.

Please click on the image above to enjoy a splash of 'selection three'...

More recently the line-up of Terra del Soil has consisted of Cristophe Garnerone (percussion and harmonica), Alberto Hauss (keyboards, fender rhodes and spanish guitar) and Lalu (vocals, co-writer and co-producer).


‘selection three’ is the perfect third album in the trilogy – with a wonderful collection of chilled grooves and rhythms fused with musical delights from around the World.

'selection three' by Terra del Sol.... out now!!!

selection two by Terra del Sol

selection two front and back - black bac

17 stunning tracks full of intrigue, mystery, and promise. With titles such as ‘5 PM @ Tokyo Lounge’, ‘Coastline’, and ‘Sexy Punk’, Alberto Hauss has shaped an album that delivers 

     the ultimate downbeat and lounge experience. Fusing global electronic chill-out with occasional male and female vocals.

If you enjoy Ibiza sunsets, Balearic chill as well as Buddha Bar and Café del Mar compilations, you will be captivated by the sounds of Terra del Sol. It really doesn’t matter in what context you listen to ‘selection two’, whether it’s relaxing on a beach, sitting in a bar or just at home chilling out - ‘selection two’ is the perfect accompaniment for helping to achieve the ultimate relaxed feel-good ambiance. 

selection two by Terra del Sol.... out now!!!

Please click on the image below to enjoy a four track teaser from the album, as featured on YouTube,

selection two.jpg

Stuart Jones - Cambridge University

Stu Keys
Stuart - Cambridge.jpg

We are absolutely thrilled that our very own Mr Stuart Jones has been recognised in the

great halls of Cambridge University.

Some years ago a young lady by the name of Frances Ragni contacted Stuart after seeing

him play live on YouTube.

Frances explained her dream of writing a thesis on the merit and worth

of free improvisation/composition and it’s rightful place in the hierarchy of ultimate musical progression, appreciation and excellence. Frances wanted to concentrate on two musicians…

Ron Drotos and Stuart Jones.

We are pleased to announce that Frances has now achieved her dream and been awarded a Ph.D. 

Please click here for the live broadcast from the official Cambridge University website of Frances Ragni’s PhD on Stuart’s improvisations.

selection one by Terra del Sol

selection one front and back - black bac

The long awaited re-release of the classic Terra del Sol album 'selection one' is here complete with new sleeve artwork. 


'selection one' by Terra del Sol is out now.  Available from iTunes, Amazon, Beatport and all good online stores, as well as being available on solid Streaming platforms.

If you want the very best in chillout, lounge and electronica then look no further.... 'selection one' is a must have! 

Also look out for 'selection two' and 'selection three'... to  complete the trilogy.

'selection two' released the 20th August, while 'selection three' is out on September 21st 2018.

selection one.jpg
new terra's 2 & 3.jpg

Rippling Waters - Stuart Jones

Stuart Jones has long been one of the most profound, successful, and well-respected musicians in his field, with his work being featured in countless television programs and documentaries.


In Rippling Waters, Stuart has crafted and produced an album which will carry the listener on a sea of tranquility.

Stuart’s sixth album for GAP MuSic is in our opinion his finest release to date, combining rich orchestral pieces, alongside unassuming piano only recordings. 

Rippling Waters features seven tracks that are enriched with subtle hooks and delicious melodies.

With titles such as A Kiss in a Moonbeam, Rippling Waters of Peace, Serene Tenderness, and Enraptured, Stuart’s new album will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and stress free. 


The sleeve artwork features the beautiful painting by Maurice Bishop ( entitled ‘Always by your side’… which reflects the ambiance of Rippling Waters perfectly.

We have received some excellent news... 'Rippling Waters' recently entered the One World Music Radio Top 100 Chart at No. 36!  Please do check out the wonderful music on One World Music Radio by clicking here.

Please click here to view a short promo clip of Rippling Waters. 

Rippling Waters by Stuart Jones.... out now!

Paradise Vol.1

Smooth, laid back, genre-blending global chill is probably the best way to describe this exquisite new Tantajo Records EP series.


Produced by renowned chillout maestro Alberto Hauss ‘Paradise Vol.1’ with it’s cool beats, soft sounds, and beautiful vocals helps to deliver the perfect soundtrack for those precious sought after moments, when you just need to relax and unwind and place all the stresses of the day behind you.


With it’s rhythmic undulating tracks that dance lightly on the aural senses, toe tapping melodies that enchant and delight the listener, while other more ambient tracks

guide us into a comfortable state of repose.


Chilled grooves such as ‘Les Salades’ (Bela & Cristophe), 'Island of Eternity’ (Satorij) and ‘Urban Sunset’ (Sintra feat. Dark Sand)… really are a taste of things to come from the excellent new ‘Paradise’ series.


'Paradise Vol.1' displays the very best in ambient, downbeat and chillout house… click here to enjoy the Promo video clip featuring snippets of each track.

'Paradise Vol.1' available now from iTunes, Beatport, Amazon and all good on-line stores.

Gregorian Sounds & Chants II

We are delighted to have NINE tracks on the brilliant new double CD album entitled  ‘GREGORIAN SOUNDS & CHANTS CHAPTER II’.


GAP MuSic artists include Nandara, Stuart Michael, Sorrell, and Fraser Morris... who all help to provide a multitude of musical gems.


'GREGORIAN SOUNDS & CHANTS CHAPTER II'  a must have album for any record collection. 


Please click here for the direct link to Amazon. 

Love Is Hiding - Hannah Maddix

.  'Love Is Hiding' by Hannah Maddix... a truly beautiful and haunting ballad.  

Taken from the album Picture This, Picture Life... the new musical by Stuart Jones. The single will also feature a beautiful instrumental version.

'Love Is Hiding' is set for release on March 23rd 2018 and will be available from iTunes, Amazon and all good on-line stores.

Please click here to hear a sample of 'Love Is Hiding'.

The Best Of Chillout Chants  Gregorian Sounds

We are absolutely delighted to confirm that we have EIGHT tracks featured on the excellent new Compilation album ‘The Best Of Chillout Chants Gregorian Sounds'.  

Our tracks are: ‘Celtic Dreaming’ by Sorrell -  ‘Innocence In Me’, ‘Journey’, ‘Angel of Love’, and ’Time With You’ by Nandara - ‘Distant Voices’ by Fraser Morris - ‘Lagoon of Purity’ and ‘See With Clarity’ by Stuart Michael.


This double album is available on CD from Amazon. 

Gregorian Sounds & Chants

A brand new Compilation has just been released entitled Gregorian Sounds & Chants.

 A double album featuring some of the finest examples of Gregorian Chant and we here at GAP MuSic and Tantajo Records are proud as punch to have two Freud tracks included... namely

'The Great Crossing' and 'Eternal'.

Gregorian Sounds & Chants is available from Amazon.  

For more great Freud music please check out our Media Page where you can hear various samples from their stunning albums... Time Passengers & The Journey - available from iTunes, Amazon and all good on-line stores.

Forever Dreams

With irresistible melodies, serene arrangements and calming sounds.

From tranquil tracks such as the majestic and haunting Celtic Dreaming - through to the reflective and cool Evening Calm, Forever Dreams will enhance the listener’s experience whilst providing a calm, soothing and peaceful ambience.


Ten tracks of the most sublime, relaxing and soothing music - Forever Dreams will be there for the times when you need to unwind and take a little time out for yourself.


This beautiful album features some of the finest artists, such as Stephen Rhodes, Stuart Michael, Sorrell,

Fraser Morris, and Stuart Jones all who excel in music for relaxation and wellbeing.  They have come together to provide a perfect antidote for the hustle and bustle of the day, along with all the pressures that go with it.

Check out above the excellent review in the Autumn issue of Elite Magazine.

UK’s leading beauty and therapy publication - Scratch Magazine is out now and features a great review of the album ‘Forever Dreams’, along with a great feature on music for salons/spas which includes quotes from Glenn Payne of GAP MuSic - Tantajo Records.


Please click here to check out the review on our Review Page and please click below for the full feature on Sounds for the Salon. 


Perfect for spa’s, therapists, yoga, general meditation, or just simply relaxing to…  Forever Dreams out now... available from iTunes, Amazon and all good on-line stores!

Nashville Beats

Following on from the success of Extreme Country top Nashville songwriter and producer Michael Salacuse along with GAP MuSic's Glenn Payne, have put together another outstanding group of vocalists and matched them up with some of the best new tracks to come out of Nashville for many a year.

Artists featured include Brittini Black, Brandi Nicole, Amy Bonner, Andrea Childress, Romany Saylor and

Brenda Mullen.

Click here for a "taster" of 'Nashville Beats'.  Tracks featured in the promo include ‘Whoop It Up’ by Brittini Black, ‘Runaway’ by Brandi Nicole and ‘Bang Bang Bang' by Andrea Childress.  

Nashville Beats... out now!   Available from iTunes, Amazon and all good on-line stores.

Symphony in f 

During the Autumn of 2016 one of London's most vibrant musical ensembles, the Mozart Symphony Orchestra, brought three quintessentially English pieces to the concert hall.

Vaughn Williams lyrical masterpiece 'The Lark Ascending' and Elgar's elegiac 'Cello Concerto' need no introduction. However, we were absolutely delighted that our very own Stuart Jones had his stunning work entitled 'Symphony in F' showcased to the public for the very first time..

Stuart when composing his symphony had the vision and inspiration of creating a wonderful showcase of music for love

Just like the journey of love, Stuart wanted his symphony to be a journey of discovery, highs, lows, extreme beauty and joy... aiming to explore the diverse emotions experienced in "loving" and "being in love".  But it concludes in a positive way, in-keeping with the saying "it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all".

'Symphony in F DEPICTIONS OF LOVE' a modern day symphony with a classic feel for the modern day World.

Please click on the  image above for the YouTube Promo of The Mozart Symphony Orchestra performing 'The Ultimate Act of love'. 

We are delighted to announce, that a DVD of the concert featuring The Mozart Symphony Orchestra performing 'Symphony in f' is now available to buy for £12.00  For further information re purchasing please contact us via the Contact Page.

The Stephen Rhodes Collection

Over the years Stephen Rhodes has been responsible for creating and producing some of the most delicious and soothing melodies ever heard in the genre of music for wellbeing, relaxation and new age.


With his new compilation 'Reflection', this album brings together for the first time some of Stephen’s finest work including ‘Concerto of Dreams’, ‘World’s Apart’, ‘Cherished Memories’ and ‘Love Remembered’, as well as other fine pieces from Stephen's extensive GAP MuSic collection. Please click here for a taster of Stephen's album 'Reflection'.

With over sixty minutes of some of the most beautiful and relaxing music, Stephen has the magic touch in drawing the listener in with haunting melodies, rich orchestral arrangements, and when needed angelic choral harmonies. Perfect for those chill out moments, or for when you need just a little help to relax and unwind at the end of a tiring and stressful day.

The Power of Zen

‘The Power of Zen’ is a wonderful accompaniment to help you unwind after a long and stressful day. The beautiful reflective instrumental musical sounds are also perfect for yoga, meditating, massage, spa treatments, or just sitting back and relaxing.


We have selected the finest tracks from each of Stuart Michael's best selling albums to create the perfect “Zen” album, with just over an hour of melodies and sounds designed to promote an air of tranquility.


Please click here to hear samples via the YouTube Promo. 


With the success of their two albums Time Passengers and The Journey, Freud have helped bring mystical ethereal music to a much wider audience. Bridging newage, celtic and chillout genres... Freud have become one of the most respected groups in the newage and celtic arena.

Within both Time Passengers and The Journey there are celtic undertones and Enya-esque moments, driven by haunting vocals.  Freud's music travels across several genres including Celtic, Newage, World and there are Electronic elements as well. Yet Freud have their own special sound.

Both albums are choc-a-bloc with a haunting and sublime tracks including from Time Passengers... 'Eternal', 'Mystery Moon', 'Eternal' and their signature tune 'World of Wonders'.  To The Journey and 'Deja Vu', 'The River', 'The Avebury Circle' and the stunning 'Garden of Love'.

Please click here for the YouTube Promo featuring 'The Journey'... and here for 'Time Passengers'.

The Cool-Notes

We are delighted to announce that all master rights to The Cool-Notes catalogue including the hits 'Spend the Night' and 'In Your Car', and 'Have a good forever' have returned to Slnb Ltd - exclusively represented by

GAP MuSic. 

Please click on each respective song title to view a promo clip on YouTube

Spend the NightIn Your Car - Have a good forever

Choice Magazine

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We are delighted to be the official sponsor of Choice Magazine's 'Your Views' letters page, and in 2022 we are celebrating ten years of working with one of the UK's leading publications.